Saturday, October 30, 2010

Why Serendipity?

When I decided to connect a blog to our massage therapy website I wanted the emphasis to be on more than just massage. Because it plays such a huge role in my life, I naturally thought that the blog might center on the concept of Personal Wellness. Wellness includes massage along with a whole lot more.

So I set off to create a blog about wellness but the darn thing just wouldn't take form. I tried various names, all of which sounded too stilted or typical or just - not - right. So then I decided to try to find a name that would describe what wellness is to me. Good luck with that! Finally I decided to just relax, step back from the project and let it happen in its own time and on its own terms and that's when it hit me! Serendipity!

According to the definition that I placed at the top of my blog serendipity is "The gift for finding something good accidentally; luck or good fortune" yet it's so much more to me.

Serendipity is my muse, my gut feelings, my intuition and a leading force in my life. My life becomes so very rich when I allow it to unfold rather than trying to force myself into some artificial mold. It's during the unfolding that the serendipity comes into play.

I also struggle a little with the idea that serendipity is a gift. If it is a gift I think of it as a gift available to anyone. Of course there's a catch. I mean honestly, isn't there always a catch? To receive the gift of serendipity you must be willing to relinquish some control. You also have to be willing to accept and build upon the things that come into your life by chance even if they seem different than what you thought you were wishing for. In that way I guess I consider serendipity a gift we give to ourselves.

That brings me back to wellness. So many of the things I know and want to share about wellness came to me through serendipity. Yes, I have an education (several) and more than a few certifications but the fact that they all work in synergy is total serendipity.

On that note, I'll thank you for visiting. I hope you'll come again and use anything that interests you as a springboard to bring more serendipity into your life.

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