Sunday, November 7, 2010


Identifying and celebrating the Radiance in my life is something I've been doing for several years. Doing so has pulled me through some very difficult times when I would have rather curled into a little ball and spent a year or two in bed with the lights off and the blinds pulled.

Using the term, Radiance to describe the moments of joy in each day is a relatively new thing for me. I borrowed it from Dr. Kathleen DesMaisons after reading her book Potatoes not Prozac. More on that at some point in the future. For now I'll just say that I can't recommend her books highly enough!

Identifying and celebrating the Radiance each day brings helps keep me grounded in the positive and in the present. When life smacks you with less than positive happenstance it's easy to get hung up on the negative aspects of life. Doing so has never once helped me turn around a situation. If anything it just puts my attention on my ill luck and makes me feel all the worse.

It's only when I've kept my eyes open and alert for Radiance that my mood lightens and I begin to feel more positive. Feeling more positive puts me in a better place to deal with the less than great stuff that life tosses my way.

I'm pretty sure that there are more than a few people who will read this and immediately think, "Pollyanna!" Maybe, but believe it for not there is a very good reason why concentrating on Radiance can actually help you overcome obstacles in your life.

It turns out that Radiance helps your body raise your Beta Endorphin levels. High Beta Endorphin leaves you more hopeful, positive, ready to take responsibility and more solution oriented. Low Beta Endorphin levels leaves you feeling isolated, reactive, overwhelmed, and feeling "done to" by others. HMMMMM which would you rather experience?

It can take practice to recognize Radiance if you're used to putting more effort into recognizing what is wrong with your life than recognizing that which is right. One hint is that Radiant happenings make you want to smile or would if you weren't so miserable. Smiley

Some of my stand out Radiant moments from the past week were as follows.
It was raining and miserable all day. It began to pour rain right before it was time for me to leave for the day and I figured I'd either have to wait around for the rain to stop or get totally soaked on my way to my car. Instead of getting annoyed I mentally thought, "Oh Well!" which is something I do to avoid being annoyed since being annoyed never helps anything. Well, I got to the door and the rain had stopped and as I stepped outside I witnessed the most beautiful double rainbeau!
Smiley It left me feeling so happy and light.

I purchased three, other than color, identical pet beds to put in front of our woodstove so that our cats and puppy can all enjoy the warmth from the fire. They were quite well received especially by our puppy Hutchinson. Our cat Starsky was sleeping on one and Hutch was on the other and they looked so adorable. I went into the kitchen to get dinner started and when I returned to the livingroom Hutch was sleeping on what appeared to be one bed and the other two were no where to be seen. Turns out that when Starsky vacated the bed he was sleeping on Hutch pulled it and the third bed on top of the bed he had been sleeping on, climbed aboard and went back to sleep. All three beds were simply nested underneath him. Smiley

This morning when I woke up Hutch was lying to my left, half on his back and half curled up looking so cute and puppy-like while sound asleep. Smiley

There were tons of other Radiant moments to my week but you get the idea. What Radiant Moments have you experienced lately? Smiley

One joy scatters a hundred grieves. - Chinese Proverb

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