Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shovelgloving: Ever hear of it?

A friend blogged about the fact that she has been doing shovelgloving as part of her home exercise program.

I had never heard of shovelgloving despite priding myself on being up to the minute on what's happening in the exercise world. It turns out that there are almost as many shovelgloving movements as there are step aerobic patterns.

I have a feeling that many of my fellow North Country residents having gotten very good at this shovelgloving movement given the winter we've had - or I guess are still having.

Despite my light hearted approach to sharing this I am impressed with what a great workout you can get using a common, relatively inexpensive and easily obtained piece of workout gear. Not to mention you can take your workout outdoors when conditions warrant it and get some yardwork done.

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