Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What's the big deal with Cell Food?

I first tried cell food on a friend's recommendation and quite honestly didn't feel a whole lot going on at first. Figuring it might take time to see a difference, I kept using it. Then our beloved dog, Morgan, who was then about 8 was diagnosed with a liver tumor.

We were told that it looked aggressive and had practically cut her liver in half. Her liver enzymes were through the roof. The vet told us that she most certainly didn't have long to live, a week, a month, maybe a couple of months. I decided that cell food certainly couldn't make it worse and the liver support it would give might just make it better and started adding a few drops to her daily water.

Amazingly enough she perked up and went on to live another 9 years! During that entire time she got 2-4 drops of cell food daily. She'd have times when she showed signs of liver issues and I'd up the cell food and she'd rally. We never did have her liver enzymes retested. The vet just said to keep doing whatever the heck we were doing and that is what we did.

A few years into this a woman read my comments on Cell food and what it was doing for Morgan on a forum I frequented. She emailed me to tell me that her small dog had kidney disease and through the roof liver enzymes. I told her that the way we dose Morgan was totally trial and error. She decided to give it a try. She emailed me a week later and said that her dog's liver enzymes were normal. Her vet had told her that he had never seen a dog's liver enzymes drops so quickly. He asked her about the product she had given the dog.

In my mind this testimonial and the sight of our beloved dog walking around, still enjoying life was plenty to keep us buying and using cell food. Back then we didn't take it daily though I pretty much do now. We kept it around for times when we were sick, felt a cold coming on or just felt tired and worn out. We still do.

So that is why I believe in cell food. I'll get back soon to write about the science behind cell food, what it does and why it works.

Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.
- Colette

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