Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pure Bliss! Experience it at home or with your next massage

Life has been really busy lately. I can deal with busy days, weeks and months as long as I get my sleep.

Swiss Just to the rescue! The following home spa treatment is great when I have a touch of a cold or my spring allergies are acting up but recently I discovered it's great to help me drift off into the most restful deep sleep.
Thyme Bath Essence
When I’m feeling especially tired I first take a hot aromatherapy shower using Swiss Just Thyme Bath Essence and Eucasol Spray. I close the drain to the tub, and get the shower going. I drop a few drops of the bath essence into the water on the floor of the shower and then right before I step into the shower I spray a spray or two of Eucasol spray high into the air in the shower. I step in and breath deeply. The Thyme essence will scent the air even while you are soaking your feet with the benefits of thyme. 

Eucasol Spray

After I towel off (keeping the room warm with a space heater if it's chilly) I apply a small amount of thyme cream to the sole of each foot and cover my feet with warm socks and don my favorite night gown.

Then I apply a small amount of Thyme cream and a drop of 31 Oil to my chest area. Top it off with a spray of Eucasol and climb into bed.

One of those microwaveable neck bags filled with rice makes it all that much better. I drift off to sleep as the wonderful scents waft around me.

Swiss Just makes a "Good Breathing" travel set that contains generous travel sizes of all the products I mentioned except the bath essence. My husband and I have been using it all winter and have barely put a dent in it or the bath essence I purchased separately.

31 Oil
I've been thinking about why this treatment feels so good when I'm exhausted and overworked. I've come to this conclusion. It's really common for us to restrain or even hold our breath when we're feeling stressed. The Swiss Just Good Breathing products relax tensions that build up in the chest. The wonderful aromas encourage deep breathing. Seriously, you just want to suck up that wonderful smell. When you deepen your breathing your parasympathetic nervous (rest and relax) system kicks in. That stops stress in its tracks and you are able to get the rest you so seriously need.

I would love to have you experience the profound sense of relaxation that thyme cream, 31 oil and Eucasol Spray produce as part of your next massage. I also stock a variety of Swiss Just products for your use as part of your home wellness self care plan.

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