Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last week I finished the exam for the Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment. It will take me a while to fully integrate what I've learned into my massage sessions because I have to think about the assessment series and some of the movements rather than having them flow freely when I need them - or should I say when a client needs them.

For that reason, I'll be extending sessions during the next month, free of charge to allow for any extra time I may use integrating these new movements. I guess that's a kind of special. If you are a massage therapist and haven't checked out Erik Dalton do yourself a favor and google him. I use the text books from the two courses I took as reference texts. I swear he is a myoskeletal magician because every time I open one of those books I come up with a new connection I missed previously.

I had a potential client call late last night - the phone rings in our home so we never miss late calls. She couldn't book at the local spa and it felt as though she was interviewing me for the job of delivering a relaxation massage. That didn't sit well with me.

The problem is that I'm not a relaxation massage practitioner and I don't apologize for that. The massages I provide are extremely relaxing but that's because a body in balance is more relaxed than one out of balance. My goal is never to simply provide an enjoyable massage for the hour and 15 minutes that a typical massage lasts. My goal is to leave the client more posturally balanced than they arrived. In that way they will continue to enjoy the feeling of a balanced body long after the enjoyment of the massage strokes begins to fade.

Erik Dalton teaches us that we should not simply chase the client's pain. I also in my heart know I will never be a therapist who chase's the client's money. That's why picking up the local spa's overflow is not my thing. I will also never retail any product that I don't believe in 150% and which I don't personally use.

I enjoy knowing my clients and being able to craft an individual massage for them. I have the most astounding bunch of regular clients and I feel honored to spend a small part of each month with them.

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