Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How Sweet It Is!

Lately I've been eating dessert almost every night. Only one serving and a small one at that but it leaves me satisfied and feeling undeprived. My choice is always a raw dessert. They're easy to make, the ingredients are natural and healthy and I never crave more than a single serving.

My favorite Raw recipe book is Jernnifer Cornbleet's "Raw Food Made Easy." The recipes are easy and only make a few portions. This week I'm loving Key Lime Tart. It's basically a raw shortbread crust filled with Key Lime Mousse.

I cut the recipe into at least 8 servings. I don't use agave nectar in the Mousse. I tend to use maple syrup and I cut the amount in half. I know it's not raw but I refuse to get caught up in needing to be 100% anything. I'm getting a serving of heart healthy nuts and the avocado provides some monounsaturated fat and it tastes sooooo good! What's not to like?

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