Monday, May 14, 2012

Mind, Body, Spirit at the Mt Washington - Take a deep breath

Today I had the privilege of speaking to a group of women attending the 21st Annual Women's Health Conference. Speaking at the conference has been a yearly event for me and I enjoy it more each year.

I mentioned my blog and when several participants expressed interest and admitted to the fact that I don't keep up with as well as I should. I told the group I would try harder so here I am.

One of the things I talked about was breath and how it can move you from an anxious state to a more relaxed state.

When you are anxious your sympathetic (fight and flight) nervous system is in control. If you can calm and slow your breathing you will automatically put your parasympathetic (rest and relax) system into control and break the stress cycle.

It's important to note that slowing our breath is the last thing on our mind when we're in a state of high anxiety. That's why it's important to practice slowing our breath regularly. After a time it becomes second nature.

Here's a great PDF that you can print. It explains deep breathing and also talks about progressive muscle relaxation. I touched on that today when I talked about the stress busting benefits of isometric exercise. I'll blog more about that the next time I check in.

Thanks again to all the wonderful women I met earlier today!


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