Friday, June 1, 2012

The Client is Always Right

I once had a - now retired - physician tell me that if you listen to the patient they will eventually tell you what is wrong. He was an amazing listener.

I've come to find this to be true over the years. We all have an innate sense about our bodies. I think that our modern lives and the objects we surround ourselves with and even an over dependence on technology and medications - throw a pill at it - dummies down this sense of self.

The combination of massage therapy and therapeutic exercise can turn that sense back on. It's almost as if the propriocepters lead the way. That's one reason why I feel so strongly about using passive and active range of motion in my massage sessions. It helps clients reestablish a sense of self from the outside in.

There are quite a few home exercise programs that work to establish that same sense of self. If one doesn't click another will.

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