Friday, June 8, 2012

Letting Go To Create Space for Change

I'm not sure what's harder; starting a new healthy habit or letting go of the things in life that no longer serve us. I think it might be a toss up. On first look you might think it's a chicken and an egg type thing.

Personally, I think that the letting go needs to take the lead at least when it comes to forming new healthy activity and stress relief habits and even to some degree when changing your eating.

With healthy eating it is possibly to serve yourself healthy new foods first and eat the less healthy after  if you feel you need them. The snafu with that can be that you're going to get tired cooking two sets of foods and you'll hang onto your taste for highly salted foods prepared with a lot of unhealthy fat.

With stress relief and activity you will almost have to let go of something in order to make the time to add in the healthy activity. If you let go of nothing you're most likely going to end up cutting yourself short on sleep and that's never a good thing. If anything you will need more sleep to help off set the stress of a changing routine.

The answer for some may be using a really time efficient program. I've mentioned before that I really like T-Tapp because it's so efficient. I've also been asked to review another new program and look forward to testing it out and seeing how it works.

Recent studies have show that you will gain health benefits from as little as 15 minutes of activity. If you are presently inactive I challenge you to find 15 minutes in your day to be active. You don't need to have an activity in mind. Just experience your daily schedule while looking for 15 minutes of something you can eliminate in favor of exercise. TV and computer time come most readily to mind.

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