Friday, June 15, 2012

Skin Brushing - Exercise for Your Skin and More

Skin Brusing, like other alternative self care subjects, has been the subject of some very lofty claims. I can't speak to that. I can only speak to what it has done for me and for people I know who use it.

If you've never tried skin brushing I totally recommend you give it a try. Over time Skin Brushing will leave your skin feeling soft as velvet. It seems to help improve my skin tone as well as long as I'm consistent. Once you hit the right pressure and cadence for the skin you're currently in SB feels wonderful!

I've know people who use regular skin brushing to keep their chronically swollen ankles depuffed. In one case an ankle that had been puffy for over 16 years after a vein grafting depuffed with regular brushing. The key is to remember that puffy skin is also fragile and you should never brush with more pressure than the weight of a nickel and using your hands vs a brush is also a good idea in these kinds of areas.

Most people start with a shower brush made of natural bristles but I've had people successfully begin with a dry washcloth.

The T-Tapp site has a kit that gives you instructions and everything you need to get started.

Traditionally skin brushing instructions tell you to simply brush toward the heart. I don't support or receive support from this site but they have a pretty thorough description of skin brushing plus a description of an alternative hot towel method. I want to try the hot towel method with a few drops of 31 or Anti-Stress oil. I know that it will feel like a little bit of heaven.

This video shows a different take on skin brushing and gives some information about it. I find it very interesting.

Most people don't even give their lymph and lymphatic system a thought. Why not give yours some positive strokes today?

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