Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sun Burn!

While spending the weekend in the sunshine, I used sunscreen, Factor 50 to be exact. Unfortunately I managed to miss two thin lines at the top of  the back of my shirt. Ouch! I grabbed my Swiss Juste products and within seconds the burn had cooled. I reapplied every few hours when I started to feel the heat building and just hours later was good to go.
I didn't even have the recommended products for sunburn. That's one of the things I like about Swiss Juste products. There are so many that will do double and even triple duty.

The first product I applied was Body Balm. It felt cool and the arnica helps relieve inflammation.

After allowing the body balm to dry I gently smoothed on some Chamomile Hand Cream. It's comforting and forms a slight barrier, which seemed to help keep the area pain free.

Despite having had an excellent outcome using those two products I'm going to order some Sage Gel (for cooling) and Marigold Cream for healing. They are actually the best products to use for sunburn and it never hurts to have them on hand. Not that I'm looking for another sunburn!

Editing this to add that my sunburn is all healed now and to my surprise it didn't peel!

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