Monday, June 11, 2012

T-Tapp and PCOS

This question recently popped into my inbox:
I came across your posts regarding T Tapp on Videofitness forum and was truely inspired by your knowledge. This is my first time I'm writing to any T Tapp Trainer.

I am from India and started T Tapp on 5th May. I did 10 days bootcamp with Inst1&2 and saw an initial loss of 1" from abdomen and 1/2" from hip and thigh. Since then I am doing T Tapp.

Little background- I have PCOS and weight keeps piling on no matter what I do. I have tried earlier too to lose weight but in between got side tracked and realised when I am some 50-55 lbs over weight (weigh 200lbs right now). I started with P90X and did that for a month, lost some 16 lbs but after that stalled. Also with the weight loss was'n't seeing any change in my body. I came across T Tapp while going through success stories and decided to give it a try.

I was very happy with the initial inch loss but after boot camp haven't seen any further loss which I desperately need for my health sake. I didn't lose any weight with T Tapp. I am trying to eat healthy and control my carbs.

Today I read your posts about shorter T Tapp workouts like Tempo arms and torso and rotating them with other exercises like yoga or cardio, dividing them in UB,LB and core segments.

I would highly appreciate your advice on the following?

  • Can I do shorter workouts like tempo arms or HTF or tempo lower body (standing) on a daily basis with yoga or workouts like slim in 6?
    I have been advised on T tapp forum not to do T Tapp more than 20 minutes if I am doing it everyday. I somehow dread doing long Total workout every other day after the boot camp. For me it is much easier to maintain my concentration for 25-30 minutes and I can do it everyday.

  • What else can be effective with T Tapp if I want see weight loss as well? Shall I go for Yoga or strength training pr workouts like Slim in 6?
I am from India so it would be difficult for me ever to meet a T Tapp trainer in person. I am really looking forward to your suggestions.

You can most definitely use shorter T-Tapp workouts and I find that T-Tapp mixes quite nicely with any other type of activity. I would not suggest that you do more than the Basic Workout Plus on a daily basis unless of course you are doing a Bootcamp. You also want to avoid repeating bootcamps too often. In my opinion it’s overkill to do so. Finally, I would suggest that you be careful of filling up your schedule with T-Tapp and a ton of other activities. It may feel as though you’ll be hedging your bets or covering all bases to do this but again it’s overkill and very well may bring you less results rather than more. If some is good more is not necessarily better.

The diagnosis of PCOS means that you have at least some insulin resistance. The stress of overtraining is going to make this worse rather than better. The stress response can also cause your body to secrete even more insulin and since insulin is a fat storage hormone that’s going to work against your goal of inch loss, let alone weight loss.

As far as an addition to T-Tapp, I’m going to suggest something that sounds really kind of basis and not all that exciting. WALKING! You could do three T-Tapp workouts a week and walk three days of the week for about 30 minutes. If you have a rainy day and can’t get out you can use Step away the inches or another walking style workout. Stress reduction can also be helpful. A short yoga session a few times a week could help with this. A plan like this would be a total break from the extreme workout feel of P90X and may just jump start your inch and weight loss.

I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you that eating a low glycemic meal plan is an important part of overcoming PCOS. When it comes to this I believe that the saying, “You can’t out run what you can eat.” is true.
Once she emailed me back to tell me she would give T-Tapp and walking a try I asked her to stick with it for 2 weeks and then get back to me so we could pop some controlled intensity into her plan to crank things up a notch.

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