Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Body Reading

When I was in massage school I was introduced to the concept of body reading. At the time I found it interesting but wasn't sure that I'd find it helpful where it came to massage therapy or fitness for that matter. Like most new concepts I learn, I first began to apply it to myself and was amazed to realize that I could look back to past aches and pains and relate them to emotional things I had going on in my life at the time when they occurred.

That realization led me to begin looking at any and all of my body related events  - both positive and less than positive - in a more holistic way and that has been a very good thing for me both physically as well as emotionally.

On occasion I'll share concepts from body reading with my massage clients and more often than not they seem to benefit from it. That being true, I decided to share a post on some of the very most basic concepts as they were taught to me.

The left side of the body represents family while the right represents work.

The shoulders represent what we are carrying in life and whether it is carried with joy or as a burden.

The hips represent balance and forward movement through life.

The knees represent our ego and sense of pride.

Our muscles represent movement through life and possibly resistance to new experiences.

There's loads more and of course I tend to move toward joints and muscles being a massage therapist. But, I think that will do for now.

To give you an example. At one point I was having trouble with my right shoulder. At the very same time I was feeling as though my work had become a burden. Realizing this I thought about work and instead of putting my head down and pushing through came up with a plan to make changes to get rid of the sense of burden. My shoulder was less painful as soon as I had faced the issue and made a plan to change things. The pain totally lifted with some basic massage therapy and as the situation continued to change for the better.

Please know that I'm not telling you to ignore symptoms or deny yourself medical care. I consider using this concept is more complimentary alternative medicine than a stand alone treatment. It raises your consciousness and that can bring the issues into your life more into focus and help you find solutions.

My challenge to you is to look back into your life to times when you had a joint that was painful. Was there anything going on with family or work that could have been related? It's kind of a fun exercise.

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