Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eating for Nutritional Density

One simple approach to eating well and even to losing weight is to eat for nutritional density. That sounds really complicated but it's not. Eating for nutritional density is simply choosing foods on the basis of how much nutrition they make available to your body.

Step one is to limit or get rid of processed foods since they are notoriously low in nutrition. The problem is that it can be difficult to move to 100% unprocessed food if you are used to eating a steady stream of the stuff.

The Stop&Go Grocery Guide is a great resource to help you take the first steps. This book uses a simple green, yellow, red grading system based upon how much total nutrition a food provides. The page I linked to provides a link to a PDF of the book introduction but I'll also link to it HERE.

My challenge to you is to try to begin thinking of food in terms of the nutrition it provides rather than low carb or low fat or low cholesterol or low calorie or.....well you get the point.

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