Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Egoscue is an exercise method developed by Pete Egoscue. It's designed to relieve chronic pain and it works! I plan to eventually become certified in Egoscue.

I'm intrigued with both the similarities and differences between Egoscue and T-Tapp. On a personal level I've gotten relief from hip pain from both methods.

I believe that the two methods could actually be synergistic when used together. By together I don't mean at the same time or mixing and matching exercises. I mean together as part of a planned rehabilitative exercise program.
I also wonder if using Egoscue to get in touch with your muscles could help spur inch loss in those T-Tappers who either don't lose inches to begin with or stop losing inches. Some people have problems really connecting with T-Tapp form. On the surface their form may seem fine but they just don't quite connect with working one part of their body against another part.

In some cases the cause for this may be a decrease in the ability to know where your body is in space. When this is the cause the person "thinks" that their arms are shoulder height but they aren't or maybe they think that their back is flat but it isn't. They can't feel that these form elements are off. This sense of postion in space can usually be improved over time.

In other cases a muscle imbalance and/or improper muscle firing order may have a specific joint or even a body area locked up and this can make achieving T-Tapp form more difficult if not outright impossible. Working on your form - especially if you have a trainer you can visit - can fix this over time. But not everyone is able to do that.

This is where I believe Egoscue could come in. They have clinics but they also have a DVD; Egoscue: Pain Free Workout, Vol. 1  that's available at amazon.com. I linked to the Volume 1 DVD, They also have a DVD; Egoscue: Pain Free Workout Series Vol. 1 and 2  that gives you both Vols 1&2 for about $3 more. I'll tell you that there's a huge leap between the exercises on Vol 1 and those on Vol 2. Even if you're an advanced exerciser I would recommend you begin with Vol 1 rather than jumping to Vol 2 right away. This isn't about being super duper strong or advanced it's about systematically addressing muscle imbalance and relieving pain - quickly! Like T-Tapp it's important to follow the exercises in the proper order.

I'll probably be writing more about Egoscue once I begin their certification program but for now this post will have to do.

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