Sunday, July 8, 2012

Honor Yourself with a Random Act of Self Kindness

This is something I do to help slow down time and reconnect.

Pedibon Foot Spray
For example yesterday I was setting up my massage space, getting ready for a fairly busy day. After I had it all set up and ready for my scheduled clients I took a little time for myself.

I brewed a cup of tea and while it was steeping I gave myself a foot treatment.

First I sprayed each foot with pedibon spray and massaged it in. The cooling, moisturizing silky mist felt lovely. Then I massaged each foot with pedicream. The lovely scent added a note of aromatherapy to the treatment. I didn't do some huge structured massage or reflexology treatment. It was just me being kind to my feet and thanking them for carrying me through life.

When I finished I put on the cotton socks I favor when I am working in my massage space. Being a barefoot kind of gal I love working in stocking feet! Then I washed my hands and enjoyed my now thoroughly steeped tea.

Pedicream, I stock samples
so ask me for one the next
you're in for a massage.
This little act of self  kindness took only minutes yet it set a wonderful tone for the entire day. Having given to myself I was so much more ready to totally give to my clients.

As women and sometimes men it's not unusual for us to be working on changing some aspect of ourselves for the better. Don't forget to take a few moments each and every day to honor where you  are right now.

Connecting with yourself  often, and in such simple but positive ways can be a powerful vehicle of self care. Give it a try.

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