Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is it a Weight Loss Plateau? Time to Jump Ship? Maybe Not!

First let me tell you that stress and no sleep will put the weight on you like nothing else! I am speaking from experience. It would be simple to plead age and hormonal changes and then lie down and cry uncle.

I however, decided that I needed to get that weight off and since the holiday season of 2011 I've lost about 19.5 pounds. At first it was painfully slow and I hit a real plateau and didn't lose anymore for month and months. Then changed up my program and not only the pounds but the inches started moving.  Basically I gave my body what it needed to overcome the stress response and resulting fatigue that packed on those pounds to start with.

Well, the pounds moved until about a month and a half ago. Then they stopped. Just like that - BAM - no more weight loss.

I could have gotten upset and blew it and gained some or all of my weight back but I'm more patient than that. I figured that my body, in its innate wisdom was taking a break - a necessary break. So I thought it through and made a few changes first in my exercise program and now lately my eating plan and it looks like the pounds might be starting to move again.

In the last month and a half I've lost a sum total of between a pound and a pound and a half - but get this. I lost between a half and full pants size depending upon how tailored the pants are! My ribs and hip bones also made a come back.

My point is not to toot my own horn - though I will admit that I'm pretty proud that I've continued to hang in. My point is that a weight loss plateau isn't necessarily a bad thing. We tend to want to do things to our bodies or force our bodies into submission when maybe we really ought to be listening to them more closely and trusting in their ability to heal themselves.

One thing that's really helping me to stick to it through thick and into thin has been monthly pictures and a couple of pairs of to tight pants. The pictures show my shrinking waistline and hips and the pants have gone from way too tight to zip to a point where I can wear them.

So if your weight loss stops and you haven't been dipping into the cookie jar don't be so quick to condemn your body and blow your eating plan.

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