Sunday, July 22, 2012

Know What Used to Irritate Me?

My GE Front Loader Set
Washing linens and when you're a massage therapist you wash a lot of linens! To make it worse, I'm very particular about how I wash my sheets. They need to be washed on a sanitize cycle and I always do an extra rinse. Then they go into the dryer on another sanitize cycle and finally end with an air fluff.

So after getting more and more irritated about having to wash the linens I decided to figure out exactly what it was that bothered me.

It turns out that the washing and drying don't bother me one bit because my super duper washer and dryer do all the work. It's the folding that gets to me.

But you know what? On really thinking about it I realized that it's the folding but trying not to touch the sheets to anything while folding them that really bothers me. I mean serously, you don't sanitize something and then allow it to touch the folding table or heaven forbid the floor! How client centered would that be?

Well, no sooner did I figure out what was bothering me than I came up with a solution. I bought a special - massage linens only - laundry basket. Each sheet comes out of the drier and gets folded over this basket. If they touch the basket - which they rarely do - it's no big deal because nothing touches the basket but clean sanitized sheets. The basket is also covered when it's not being used.

So massage linen irritation is a thing of the past. If it were only that simple to overcome all of life's little irritations. Hey! Maybe it is!

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