Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rediscover Your Love of Movement

As a Health and Fitness professional it's something I hear on a regular basis. "But I hate to exercise!"

My suggestion is to honor that feeling but also spend some time thinking about how you relate to movement.

We're born to move, designed in a way that makes it possible. As children we move freely, often and without much thought. Walking, running, tumbling and in general being busy with activity is just something children do - pretty much like breathing.

Think back to you as a child and try to remember what kinds of movement you enjoyed. Find an adult version of that type of movement and chances are you'll connect with it.

Rather than hating exercise it could be that you simply hate what you think exercise should be.

I'll use myself as an example: As a child I loved to walk really fast, run and dance. I also loved nature. I was sometimes told; "Will you slow down and stop running around?" and "Stop dancing around and sit still!"

This is a fluidity bar. I consider it to have been an excellent
investment. Years after purchasing it I still use it regularly.
Fast Forward and my favorite forms of movement are walking - usually in the form of hiking, trail running and dance inspired workouts. I don't have time to travel to and from dance classes and to be honest I prefer in home exercise. So for me workouts like T-Tapp, Fluidity Bar, Calanetics and other ballet/barre style workouts are a good fit. Over time I've stretched out - no pun intended - and discovered that I also enjoy pilates different types of yoga, especially Kundalini and Bikram yoga.

But enough about me. Let's get back to you. I have a challenge for you - whether you're a confirmed hater of exercise or someone who has difficulty with exercising regularly. I challenge you to redefine exercise as movement and reconnect with the movements you loved as a child. Then let me know how it's working.

If it's not working feel free to comment here or email me for additional ideas and help.

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