Tuesday, July 17, 2012


More info on Stevia at wikipedia
I love herbs! I love growing them and using them. This season I planted Stevia, also known as sweet leaf. I've been snipping it daily for use in my green smoothies. I love the natural sweetness it provides.

We're currently working on plans for a kitchen remodel and I'm trying to come up with ways I can create an area for off season herb growing. I miss my fresh herbs in the winter and they tend to be pretty darn pricey at that time of year.

I've also tried and enjoyed Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia when I didn't have the actual herb plant available to cut. That's probably what I'll go back to in the winter if I'm unsuccessful with growing it indoors.
I like Stevia because it's a natural sweetner and you get to control exactly how much sweetness you add. Artificial sweetners are chemical based and tend to be oversweet. Because of that they can make normally sweet foods, like berries and even carrots taste less sweet in comparison.

The fresh plant is great if you're adding it to something you'll be blending - like a green or even a regular smoothie. It's not so great for adding to other foods. To that end I hope to cut and dry whatever part of the plant I don't transplant before first frost and then crush the dried leaves with my mortar and pestle or - if I'm feeling more techie - in my Vitamix for use in non-blended foods.

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