Friday, July 20, 2012

Thought For The Weekend

 ”At a certain age, you have to choose between your face and your @ss.” - Catherine Deneuve

She might not be judged as beautiful by society.
But then why should she be judged at all?
If only I can age with such grace.
This can be true for any woman hoping to hold herself to the impossibly thin standard we see in print, on the web and in many catalogs.

I recently saw a picture of a person I was previously acquanted with who got heavy into bodybuilding. Because she was a natural bodybuilder - or so I assume - her body was beautiful, lightly muscled with low body fat to showcase that muscle.

Her face shocked me however. The dehydration that's necessary to showcase those muscles had put a good 20 years on her face. I'm sure that her face plumped back up to her pre-contest beauty once she rehydrated but why is that kind of excess necessary?

Why do we have to hold ourselves as women to such an often unobtainable standard? And go to such drastic measures to obtain it? Is the way we look as we age such an awful thing that we need to hide it?

Not long ago I read a comment that a perfectly attractive woman in her middle years was going to hide her arms under sleeves because her skin wasn't as tight as it once was. Before I lost this weight and toned back up I also hid my arms and body in general under loose clothing. Is that really necessary?

It's as if we as woman are expected to disappear once we begin to show visible signs of aging. Visible signs of aging. Is that anything like visible pantie lines? If so then for sure both are modern societal sins.
Not all cultures vilify the older woman. Asian cultures revere their elders and  Pagans and Wiccans are known for celebrating and holding as honored "the maiden, the mother and the crone."
But you know what? I'm not sure that it's our society alone that makes us cringe at a bit of loose skin or cellulite or the start of a wrinkle. I think that we do a great deal to perpetuate it ourselves - we women. Seriously, if we as women would simply embrace one another for who we are - more so than how we look - and open our eyes to the beauty of an elderly woman, the world could be a different place. What freedom that would afford to our daughters and the daughters of our daughters.

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