Monday, July 23, 2012

Unlock Your Hip Flexors and You'll Unlock a Whole Lot More: Part 1

Warning! Girly talk ahead. If you're a male reader you'd probably do well to step away from the computer screen or at least move to another post.

One of the predictable "changes of aging" that we tend to accept as nonnegotiable is what has been termed the "menopot." We women hit a certain age and suddenly our normally tight, flat belly seems to blossom into a lower pot belly over night. Around the same time our formerly round, lifted butt deflates and droops into a new flat shape. If you've got a short torso you may have been fighting this phenomenon right along but it suddenly feels impossible to maintain your former progress.

Various ideas about why this happens have been bandied about. One idea is that the abdomen becomes a depot for fat producting estrogen. Another - and I think this one is quite likely - is that we become more insulin resistant at this stage in our life.

The good news about insulin resistance is that it can be remedied with lifestyle change. The eating tips I mention under the Healthy Meals section of this blog will help. A sane but not overly extreme exercise schedule can also help. For myself I've noticed that extreme exercise only serves to tax my body and in the end backfires. (More on that at some point in the future) For now I'll say that I believe that extreme exercise sets up a stress response in my body which over time leads to inflammation. Inflammation is why stress reduction is the third leg of the stool. This time of our life can be very stressful. We're often juggling our hormonal changes at a time when we're called upon to make career decisions, our children are entering college ($$$$$), our parents are aging, and in the last few years the ecomony isn't exactly booming. Recipe for stress, anyone? (I'll also write more on stress reduction later.)

Something else I'm coming to realise is that our hip and abdominal area, the hip flexors to be more exact and the Psoas to really zero in, can - at least for me - hold a major key to reversing the menopot trend.

I'll pick up on this subject later this week with Part 2. Until then, if you haven't already, check out the Healthy Meals, Healthy Mind, Self Care and Wellness sections of this blog for more info on the above topics.

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