Saturday, July 28, 2012

Unlock Your Hip Flexors and You'll Unlock a Whole Lot More: Part 3

In my last post I mentioned that I like the T-Tapp move "Organs In Place" to help rebalance my hip area. I actually should have said that I like both OIP and the movement "Half Frogs."  They work hand in hand to strengthen the transverse abdominal muscle and reverse the lower ab protrusion that a weak transverse muscle can cause.

This is one version of "Flat Back."
I also enjoy Fluidity bar workouts because they have an exercise series called "flat back" which is followed by deep psoas stretching that can really unlock my psoas area like nothing else. If you allow your back to come away from the backboard of the fluidity bar while attempting to perform the flat back series the exercise will immediately become much easier to perform. If this exercise feels easy, rest assured you are not only NOT doing it properly but you aren't getting nearly the benefit you could be getting otherwise. I also appreciate the fact that the fluidity psoas stretch has you keep your back leg straight. This really gives me a much deeper stretch than a bent back knee would provide.

The last psoas balancing type of exercise I add into my schedule regularly is the Egoscue: Pain Free Workout, Vol. 1 . This workout systematically rebalances the body with each exercise and/or stretch building upon the one before it. The three planned into different days of my normal workout schedule work better than one type of exercise alone would work. In that way they are quite synergistic in nature.
I also want to mention that the DVD; Egoscue: Pain Free Workout Series Vol. 1 and 2 costs only a few dollars more and gives you both Vols 1&2. Volume 2 however, is a huge leap above Volume 1.

The only way I can describe the way my body feels after an Egoscue workout is incredibly open and balanced. Quite amazing.

Since I started to add these three types of exercise into my schedule in a planned way I've noticed that my age related changes between the waist and mid-thigh have pretty quickly and steadily reversed. The menopot and the fat pad that overlies it has also been steadily disappearing and is in fact all but gone. My formerly flattening butt is higher and rounder and the front of my upper thighs which tends to be quite full and rounded has also slimmed down. It's not a miracle. It's just my body being more in balance and working as such.

Oh, and on a massage therapy note. When I get MY monthly massage my massage therapist, who just happens to be my business partner and DH spends some time looking for tight spots and/or trigger points in this area and stretching my hip flexors. Systematic massage therapy can speed up the results you can get from plain exercise and stretching alone because it helps rebalance the body more quickly.

My next installment in this series will be the final installment and the one where I'll talk about a mind/body and even somewhat Eastern reason that we women may tend to have an increase in fat levels in this area as we age. Consider yourself warned that there will be but some people call "whooo whooo" potential to that particular post.

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