Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where is the Personal Responsibility?

My totally healthy tootsies in my BF running shoes
Update: 3/30/2015 - While I don't disagree with what I wrote originally, I do feel that no one, experienced runners included, should rush into barefoot running.

As a culture we're way too tied into immediate gratification. If I distill down our obesity problem this need to have whatever it is - food, skill, lifestyle, body shape, etc. - RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE BUT PREFERABLY YESTERDAY - is a huge part of our problem.

Arrrgh! This just in: Vibram is apparently being sued for claims they made concerning their Barefoot Shoes. I have very mixed feelings about this because I use and love these shoes.
I felt the same way when Sketchers was sued and actually I don't even like their rocking and rolling shoe. I feel they are, at best an aesthetic version of  MBT Swiss Massai Shoes, which I think are awesome. But let me get back to my original point.
I've read the Vibram site. I researched the barefoot walking/running movement extensively before I took my first barefoot step. I honestly don't believe that I was in any way misled or put in danger.
In fact, I came away with the realization that IF I was going to try this I would need to be humble and approach it as a beginner despite having run multiple marathons in the past.
I personalhy know people who bought Vibram shoes, and instead of using the moderate suggested wear plans that are available IN BOOKS and on the internet.
Now, say you follow the instructions and you begin to have pain. Well, any person with the sense they were born with would stop and/or get medical advise but I have a feeling that probably didn't happen.
When the Sketchers lawsuit went down I personally know of people who loved their Sketchers and still jumped on board in order to get a little money back. Can you say lack of personal integrity?
That will probably happen with the Vibram lawsuit and many people will get their money back but in the end the person with the fat wallet will be the lawyer who filed the lawsuit.
I guess that takes me full circle back to my original question; Where is the personal responsibility?
Please note that I am now an Amazon Associate. Some of my links will reflect this and could - depending upon whether or not you buy something you see here - result in a partial amazon gift card for me. I plan to use these cards - should I get any - to purchase additional items for my massage space like this Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer and/or books like Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers to increase my knowledge of massage. I'll post each time I make an addition to the office or purchase a book. This post is very link heavy because it's new to me and I used it to practice.
OH and if you follow a link and buy shoes puleez use them responsibly and at the very first sign of pain take them off and seek medical attention. No one should spend more than a few minutes in specialty shoes the first time that they wear them. If you're going to run barefoot you need to begin by walking barefoot for short periods of time. This should be common sense but apparently some folks didn't get the memo.

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