Saturday, August 11, 2012

Caring for your Inner Child
Imagine that the care of a small child has been entrusted to you. This poor child is stressed out and unhappy - a sweet innocent little thing. What would you do for her - we'll assume it's a girl.

I bet you'd show her love and caring. You'd make sure she ate well, had opportunities to get out and play and at night you'd make certain that she got to bed at a decent hour.

Now pretend that you're that child. How do you treat yourself - the child? Are you loving? Do you make sure that you eat regular meals? Meals consisting of healthy, fresh foods? Do you give your inner child the opportunity to come out and play and experience healthy movement? Does your inner child get enough sleep? Does she drink healthy drinks and plenty of water?

HMMMM something to think about, isnt' it? Which body do you think is most likely to respond to diet and exercise? The one that is constantly berated for being too fat, out of shape and lazy or the one that has healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction introduced in an atmosphere of self acceptance in love? I can tell you from personal experience that it's the latter body that will best respond the best. I also believe that the body that achieves change in a climate of self acceptance and self love will also tend to maintain those changes with greater ease.

So I challenge you to consider yourself as a child you are caring for and assess just how loving you are to yourself. Then if there is room for improvement go ahead and make some changes and reap the benefits of having done so.

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