Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carving out Sculpted Arms 2: The Plank

My posts have been so heavy duty this week that their weight is palpable. It's definitely time to lighten things up so I decided to talk about yet another way to lighten up our arms.

Planks! Simply put, planks are the top part of a pushup. They're very strengthening and quite safe when done mindfully. They work the entire upper body and so also have the potential to define it quite nicely.

You can find information on how to plank at The willPower Method. Here is their PDF on how to plank. I really like the fact that SLK provides modifications for those with hand or wrist issues along with a safe plan to progress your plank sessions.

There are several fitness methods that rely heavily on the concept of a plank. These include but are not limited to Ballet Body and Horizontal Conditioning. I've read posts where people attempted these methods only to find that their wrists or hands didn't so much care for all the plank work. You could modify the plank work and to be fair modifications are provided on  the BB website and it looks like HC has beginner dvds that no doubt are designed to help you build up to it. I've never tried either of these two methods so I can't help you with any questions about them. I'll update this post if I ever do try them but right now it's not looking likely.

OR how about a different no cost approach? Check out the above PDF and begin your own plank program. It only takes a few minutes and if you follow the directions should be safe. You'll find out how your body, specifically your hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and back take to holding a plank. If you really love it you can always come back and check out the links I provided or choose to simply add a plank segment to the types of workouts you're already enjoying.  Win Win!

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