Monday, August 20, 2012

Healing After Exhaustion: Sleep

Sleep was another thing I've found really important as I worked to restore my equilibrium. If I tried to skip out on my Zs I ended up feeling exhausted again and actually still do to a lesser degree.

I think that one of the reasons so many of us have trouble eating well and maintaining a healthy pattern of exercise is that we aren't willing to let go of anything else in our life to make room for the healthy changes. We try to shove it into an already too full life and that usually means we cut out sleep. You can only do that for so long before your inflammation level goes up and your energy drops.

Another interesting thing - well to me it's interesting - is that my weight loss either stalls or I gain when I'm short on sleep or workout too hard or too often. I wish I could afford to have repeat inflammatory marker blood draws. I'd love to know if the markers correlate to how I feel when I am short on sleep or am overtrained. I'm pretty sure my body is already supplying the answer to the question.

The little guy in the picture is Hutch. He's also an expert on sleep, rest and relaxation. Notice that he's pillowing his head on his favorite pull toy and has made sure that his bone is nearby before nodding off.

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