Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's a Wrap! Pace Workout 6

This post was written previously but referrs to my impressions of the PACE workout program I was given to review.

This morning was workout 6 of PACE disk 1. The set up was the same as previous workouts. There was a single set of pushups sandwiched into the series of 8 movements. Week 1 Done!

Today was a teaching day for me so I also got some T-Tapp and postural restructuring. I can really feel that I need a good Ecoscue session to straighten out my sacrum. This isn't due to doing PACE. It's due to skipping Egoscue this week and most of last. Things are getting more balanced so I can go longer between workouts but I'm definitely more comfortable if I do them regularly.

Time for a cute puppy picture. This is our sweet boy Reilly when he was a young puppy. (Before his long fur had come in.) He wore himself out running around getting used to his first harness and found the boot basket a perfect place to nap.

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