Monday, August 27, 2012

Me and T-Tapp and why I'm not a typical trainer

I'm a T-Tapp trainer but with a few differences that I'd like to explain. But first let me explain that I didn't initially "click" with T-Tapp. I was coming from a totally different fitness frame of reference when I was first exposed to this very different method. I was "Firmly" grounded in western training concepts and had been doing pretty much nothing but the Firm (15 years), Cathe (Cathe 2-3 years), and running (about a year) for a very long time. I had dabbled in Pilates and Power Yoga but never much stuck with it. That said, I'll move onto the differences.

  • Other than during your initial T-Tapp bootcamp I don't insist that you can only do T-Tapp. To be fair there are also other trainers that take this approach. I really enjoy helping someone coming from other fitness methods and modalities to find enjoyment and benefit from T-Tapp and I know that they don't want to be sidelined from their other fitness activities.
  • I work other fitness methods into my workout schedule and try new methods. I do this because I enjoy variety and if I'm going to help people who want to do other workouts besides T-Tapp I need to know what's out there and what the movements are like. You can sometimes tell by viewing but often need to do at least a bit of a class or dvd to really know what the movements feel like and how they might mix or not mix with T-Tapp. (My most recent example of this for me was the PACE program.)
  • I can get pretty creative with using T-Tapp as an add on to a main workout rather than simply sticking with a schedule that uses this DVD or that one. Sometimes less can truly be more. I've gotten myself in trouble in the past with trying to use T-Tapp along with other workout methods. It's counter productive and I don't want you to experience the same. (Again, PACE was a great example of this for me.)
  • I always try to plan schedules with the concept of postural restructuring through movement in mind. I'm a massage therapist. I specialize in postural restructuring. I truly believe that a lack of desired "results" can often be due to slight postural imbalances. T-Tapp pulls posture back in line but you can get a synergistic response by "double teaming" your body using other methods to balance posture.
  • I plan to be certified in at least one additional rehabilitative exercise method. That might be taken by some to demonstrate less than complete trust in the power of T-Tapp. I look at it differently. The more well rounded I am in both massage therapy and fitness prescription the better I'm going to get at pinpointing the best plan to help my clients reach their goals be they sports or aesthetic in nature. Everytime I shift my frame of reference I'm able to look at T-Tapp - and massage therapy and fitness - from a different point of view. That's a win win in my book!
  • I'm a grammar and spelling police magnet. LOL! I felt compelled to throw that in. Seriously, there are probably additional differences I can't think of off the top of my head. I'll edit this post or reply to it in order to keep it up to date as they occur to me.

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