Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PACE: A Review

Please note that the info below was written up several months ago. I just never got around to publishing the posts to this blog. So while it reads real time it's actually old news. It does however represent my actual feelings about the workout set. Since I will be publishing my thoughts from time to time rather than one post after the other I'll let you know that I didn't end up finishing the entire plan. You'll have to wait to find out why until I publish the last post. heh heh heh

Dr. Al Sears has provided me with a complimentary set of his PACE exercise method. It's based upon HIIT. (High Intensity Interval Training)

I've always seen T-Tapp as a kind of HIIT because your heart rate goes up quite high and then you recover and you repeat this for 15-40 minutes depending upon the workout you use and for that reason I had a real interest in checking out this set.

PACE is designed to be used for about 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. There are specific Heart Rate targets that you are trying to hit so a HR monitor is helpful. Normally HIIT is not done 6 days of the week because of the intensity. Dr. Sears has used a stairstep effect along with 3 levels of intensity, with modifiers to follow to allow a 6 day a week plan. Your actual exercise is limited to 3 four minute bouts - 12 minutes total so it's very time efficient.

I can't forgo all extra exercise because I still have to teach my classes and I want to keep up with at least one or two postural restructuring sessions because it keeps me pain-free. BUT, I am going to stay away from my additional exercise for at least a couple of weeks and see what this PACE system does or doesn't do. I'll record my workouts, feelings about the workouts and results or lack there of on this blog.

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