Sunday, August 19, 2012

PACE: Workout 2

This post was written previously but referrs to my impressions of the PACE workout program I was given to review.

This morning was my second PACE workout. So far so good.
Some initial thoughts about the set:

The set is clean and modern. The floor is wooden and I remember tall, thin white shelves that held white dumbbells and 3 flat screen tvs in the middle with the PACE logo on them.

The participants are dressed in various types of fitness clothing. The style and/or colors of their fitness clothing isn't matchy matchy. I think that lends to the feeling that you're working out with real people rather than fitness icons. I like it.

Look to the right and you see the low impact/beginner modifier. Look to the left and you see the advanced modifier. In the middle back you have two people showing intermediate intensity. Front and center is the instructor who has a set of guns that are big enough to be distracting. Poor guy, he can't help it if he grows muscle like Popeye. Guns aside, he's likeable and he makes it more about you than about him so much so that I can't remember his name. (I'll get back to you on that.) I'm back, I checked, it's Rob Iannuccilli, PTA, CSCS, CPT. He seems to do the intermediate intensity.

The camera angles make it possible to see any intensity modifier well enough to follow easily.

You are introduced to the 8 movements of today's workout along with safety tips - well done. You take a inital heart rate - I looked at my HR monitor. It's nice that they count it down for you so that you are not compelled to buy a HR monitor.

You repeat each of the 8 movements for 30 seconds each. The first time through you are supposed to be at a level 5. This is your warm-up. You rest - I think about 90 seconds. The you repeat the sequence twice more, first at a level 7 then a level 9. You check your HR after each bout and after each rest before beginning again. I just checked and it seems as though my percent of max heart rate is at or close to 50%, 70% and 90% for these three bouts. That's it! It's about 19 minutes from the starting gate to the finish line.

You have a DVD for each of 6 weeks and each DVD has 6 workouts - one for each day with the 7th day being a rest day. So far the first two workouts were different movements and a different cast other than Rob.

I enjoyed the workout and ended up with a good sweat. One snafu I can see would be if a person is an all or nothing type and over does it for the first two bouts. It wouldn't kill you but it might suck any enjoyment right out of the workout. It also might not be appropriate to work that hard for 12 minutes 6 times a week when following the concept of HIIT.

There is a food plan that goes with the system. I'll talk more about that later. I'm not using the food plan because I'll stick with what is currently working for me. The PACE plan is low glycemic and so is the plan I'm using. Given that and the fact that a few of the recipes in the cook book that comes with the plan look wonderful I'll be trying some of those recipes. YUM!

The nice thing about a short workout is that it gives me more time to hang out with my man Hutch (see photo) and our other dog and cat buddies.

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