Thursday, August 23, 2012

PACE Workout 4

This post was written previously but referrs to my impressions of the PACE workout program I was given to review.

I had no time to blog this morning and I have a feeling this is unlikely to change. Some days I'll be able to hop online and blog in the morning some days evening will work, other days I might just have to skip it and update when there is time.

Today was my 4th PACE workout from Disk 1 and again, it was similar and yet different from the previous workouts. It followed the same workout structure I described previously and had a balance and core emphasis. I enjoyed it - short, sweet and sweaty.

As I work my way through these workouts I'm appreciating the effort that was taken to provide solid modifications - both harder and easier. The exercises are also varied in a way that promotes a toning effect and helps to keep things interesting.

I want to write a little about the kit materials. They definitely have more substance than your average infomercial offering. Friday is my rest day so I'll shoot to write about this subject then.

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