Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Portion Control: Your Eyes are Bigger than Your Belly

My grandmother used to say that meaning that we would take more food than we could eat. I found this neat little portion control aid that helps you easily size up your servings.

It's called a Meal Measure Portion Control Tool and you can see it at amazon.com where I bought it if you click on that link.

I don't as a rule use anything other than my eyes and my hand to portion my food but a couple of times a year I like to check those portions as a reality check. I'll normally measure out my food for a couple of days to see what a half a cup or 3 ounces really looks like.

This little gizmo makes it ultra simple.

I read somewhere that Dr. Oz endorsed this thing. I used to be a fan of Dr. Oz but no so much these days. He's become pretty darn commercial. So it seems a little crazy to be endorsing this portion control aid myself but like I said, it's nifty and quite useful.

I don't personally think we should limit vegetables as long as they aren't slathered in butter, oil or calorically dense sauces. You could also use this little gizmo to make sure that you're getting enough in the way of fruit and vegetables instead of thinking in terms of limiting them.

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