Sunday, August 12, 2012

Restore with Yin Yoga

Because Yin Yoga asks that I let go I savor it for a recovery day. It can be a particularly healing practice for us "fuss budgets." My definition of a fuss budget (another of my Grandmother's terms) is someone who has difficulty with just sitting still.  To the left is a video in which Bernie Clark talks about Yin Yoga. His website has a page with links to several Yin Yoga Asanas - or poses - some of which also have videos that both explain and demonstrate the poses.

Below is a sample of Paul Grilley's Yin Yoga DVD . He is quite talkative and for some that's an issue. I find that his talkativeness serves to help me with the stillness, which certainly doesn't come naturally to me. Don't let the flexibility of the participants turn you off. You can actually modify the poses to suite your flexibility and over time that flexibility will increase. Grilley does a good job of explaining this in his DVDs.

Sarah Powers also had a Yin Yoga DVD available and also tends to be quite chatty. She has a very Eastern approach to Yin gives several wonderful lessons on the meridians, one of which you can hear below.

If the prices of the above practices holds you back you should consider Jennifer Kries, Yin Yoga, which is considerably less expensive. The holds are also shorter but it's a nice, less expensive introduction. I like it for times when I know I'm too antsy to hold poses for a long time but still crave the stillness of Yin - or when time is simply short. Below is a sample of her teaching style.

This post is already long enough but I'd like to mention one additional practice and that's Deep Stretch/ Yin Yoga with Mimi Solaire. While this is a lovely stretch video and leaves you feeling great when you're finished I don't consider it true Yin simply because the holds are so short. Still, if you find you aren't mentally in a place where Yin works for you, this might be the next best thing. Below is an example of what the dvd is like.

If you already enjoy Yin Yoga or discover another practice I'd love to have you comment on your experience. 

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