Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Unlock Your Hip Flexors and You'll Unlock a Whole Lot More: Part 4

Well, here it is....the final installment I promised. I have to admit that this installment isn't "writing itself" with as much ease as the previous ones. I think that's because I really want to explain my thoughts in a way that the "Western mind" will "get" and that's seldom easy. Hey, I guess when I put it like that, this post is just another step outside my comfort zone. So it's all good.

Yesterday I talked a bit about Body Reading. I believe that my thoughts on a locked up hip and pelvis area flow from that concept.

Think about women. Think about our life transitions, specifically those that center on hormonal changes; puberty, the potential for childbearing years, perimenopause and finally menopause. Looking at those stages of life clinically, they initially prime our female parts to do the work they were created for and then later slowly but surely close up shop. Did that read as an oversimplification? Of course it did. That's my point.

We in the west tend to look at this very natural process with less than the wonder and joy that it deserves. In some cases it becomes a process that we feel compelled to slow down and stop or if we can't stop it at least deny that it's taking place. Sometimes we even label it as a pathology; something to treat with hormones and medications.

The problem is that you can't fool Mother Nature and sooner or later despite our denial we do become post menopausal and then what? Well some of us will fall into depression over the loss of our ability to bear children. We feel as though our purpose in life has been taken away. We no longer feel vital or attractive or useful. We feel old.

While I don't want to minimize the above feelings and sentiments because they are certainly valid for the women who feel them - I do want to tell you that what we lose is so small compared to what we gain - if we are willing to explore it. And that of course is another subject for another post.

The idea of menopause or even peri-menopause being a representation of the end of womanhood is something that the western media and even we ourselves as women perpetuate. In thinking that way we label our childbearing organs as dead. They're still there of course but we ignore them and in ignoring them we may just end up ignoring the entire area. Things that are ignored tend to shrivel up and shriveling is also a tightening up and so after more build up than it probably ever deserved is my whooo whooo concept as to another reason why our hip flexors and other muscles in the pelvis may just tighten up as we age.

My challenge to you is to think about where you are on the continuum of which I spoke above. How do you feel about it? Are you less able to embrace life because of those feelings and beliefs? And of course my challenge wouldn't be complete unless I ask you how your hip flexors feel - any tightness there? ;)

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