Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is 31 Oil?

31 oil is one of, if not my favorite Swiss Just products. I love using a mixture of 31 oil in jojoba oil when I perform massage. It was the first Swiss Just product I discovered. I tried it and was so pleased that I tried additional products and eventually become a Swiss Just wellness consultant. It's literally a mixture of 31 essential oils.

The Swiss Just website describes the benefits of 31 oil more succinctly than I ever could. "Applied through massage, relaxes and restores the body’s natural energy and ability to move comfortably. Eases tensions that generate headaches and muscle pain." I linked to the 31 oil area of the site above. The page I linked to has customer testimonials and a reference guide for how and when to use it.

You may have already experienced this very special oil when you had a massage at Quintessential Bodyworks, LLC. I stock both this oil and the smaller, very portable 31 cream shown below.

31 oil and cream are both fantastic at taking the edge off of headaches, many times completely relieving them.

I'm not sure of the exact mechanism by which this occurs but I believe that it's at least in part due to the muscle relaxation they bring about. I also love mixing a drop or two of 31 oil with Juniper cream to relax tight sore muscles.

Usually Swiss Just products are only available via a "Wellness Spa Party." I don't have time to run regular Wellness Spa's so I generally place an order once a month as a kind of "virtual Wellness Spa." You can email me using the "contact us" area of our website to learn more. No worries. You won't be  hounded because you ask a few questions.

If you're a massage therapist or other health practitioner I'd be happy to tell you about the various ways I use this product as a massage and exercise adjunct.

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