Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ballet Body: The Basics 1 Downloads

I'll admit that I was a little nervous about trying these downloads. I had read a review that said that they were tougher than the Ballet Body DVDs and I found those to be a decent challenge.

I think that the review either got it wrong or was talking about other downloads from the Periodization Series. These downloads, while not end up dead on the mat where challenging. I think that they felt less challenging than the BB DVDs because the dvds each work a single body area, Lower Body, Core or Upper Body for the entire workout while these downloads work the entire body in a series of separate downloads - one download for each body area.

There are a lot of form tips and reminds and I appreciated that. There was music in some of the clips while at least one was just Leah's voice over. All were done voice over style.

I set up my dvd to do legs first, then abs and finally plank/arms. I was glad I arranged it this way because there were some nice finishing stretches after the arm section. This ended the session quite nicely. Because of the different segments and I guess the concentration required, the time seemed to fly by. There were times in each segment where the working area felt challenged but not to a degree that caused me to lose my form.

I want to try doing this workout after I do PBS and a set of Organ's in place. Leah tells you not to use other methods and I respect her reasons for stating this BUT I seriously think that PBS and organs in place would both warm up the body and wake up the muscles in which Ballet Body requires awareness.

The second and third Ballet Body workouts are made up of different downloads. I'll review them when I get a chance to try them.

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