Monday, September 3, 2012

Ballet Body: Core

This is the Ballet Body Signature Series Core Body Workout . This DVD is 45 minutes long, done in voice over and hits the core from just about every possible angle. You begin standing during which there is a balance aspect to some of the movements. Then you move to the floor where you hit the core from just about every angle you can think of. You end in a 6 minute stretch. That sounds short but the stretch is actually so well designed that it feels perfect when you're actually doing the entire workout.

Once again I tried to approach this as a beginner. Leah's beginner schedule has you take all modifications and do half the reps. Unfortunately, their weren't many easier modifications given and since I wasn't always sure how many reps we would be doing I didn't know when the halfway point came in many of the exercies.

The day after I did this workout I could tell I worked my lower and outer abs in new ways. I wasn't sore but was aware of those muscles. I don't consider it typical of ballet type workouts. It's also not filled with traditional ab exercises. Because it is so different I'll probably do it again at some point in the future and add more thoughts to this review. Below is a youtube video that shows some of the exercises used in this dvd.

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