Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ballet Body Periodization System Guide 1

Important! Count your files!! Being totally new to downloaded workouts I assumed that all of the downloads would be included in the email links that are delivered to you with this set. Well, I guess not. So far 5 files were not included. Leah sent two on her own after noting that two hadn't been included. I requested two I found missing and she very quickly responded by sending links for them. Last week when I started creating DVDs for the next month I found another file missing. I immediately emailed Leah - twice - and have yet to hear back. I guess my luck has run out and I'll be paying for the file if I want to use it.

Downloading files takes time. Checking to be certain that you've downloaded them all takes more time. I honestly don't think that you should be expected to cross check files from a list though that would be one counter check. If you purchase a product the product should be complete with minimal effort on your part.

This is a 24 week Ballet Body Periodization System by Leah Sarago. If that sounds familiar it's because she designed the Ballet Body DVDs that I just reviewed.

This system is different than the DVD workouts I'm used to. It is totally downloadable. It comes with a PDF containing the schedule for three workouts a week for 24 weeks. You can buy the downloads for $3.99 each (discounts for multiples). If you choose to purchase what Leah terms the "Ballet Body Fan Club" you will receive an official Ballet Body tank top, a 4GB USB drive, a reusable shopping bag and the ever coveted tape measure. Most importantly you will receive 15% off all future purchases. That's in addition to bundle price discounts! There's also an opportunity to receive a weekly recipe and download, news, specials, I think a download on your B-day. I'm not sure how all that works.

The downloads come in your Inbox as links in an email. They're quite easy to download and are MP4 video files. The idea is that you can work off your computer, ipad, android tablet, or possibly compatable TV? They play just fine on my computer and I believe that they'd download easily to my android tablet. I decided to try turning them into DVDs. It was time consuming but the kind of time consuming where you can walk away from it and accomplish other things while making the magic happen. (I cleaned my windows - the ones in our house not the computer program!)

It was a two step process. First I had to take the downloads listed for the first day's workout and convert them for burning to a DVD. I used Windows live movie maker. Then I just burned the dvd.

I used the first one I burned tonight and it was great! It played straight through but each individual download was chaptered automatically.

I'll review that dvd, which consisted of what is called the "Basics Series 1" in a future post - maybe  tomorrow if I have time.

Coming in after having done more than a few of these workouts and having thus far followed the proposed schedule as planned. I put this in the last review I posted but wanted to add it to this post as well .

If my memory is correct these sections were originally a subscription where you received a download weekly or maybe two weekly. Then Leah strung them together into this periodization schedule. Two of these sections together wouldn't be bad - you could get through them. It's when they're strung together that they start to feel like repetition overkill.

Leah is in different outfits and her hair changes from section to section. This means that sections were filmed on their own. I wonder if she ever did this entire periodization schedule as written, running through each workout without stopping?? If she did I wonder if she was sick of repeating things to death? HMMM something to ponder.

The question of finishing the entire schedule has been posted at Video Fitness more than once. I can only remember one person posting to say that she finished the rotation not once but twice. When you consider all the members that purchased it I was surprised by this.


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