Monday, September 24, 2012

Ballet Body: PS1 Weeks 1-3 Workout 2

After doing workout 1 this one surprised me. There was quite a big leap in intensity between the Basics 1 and the downloads scheduled for this workout.

The emphasis is isometric, bodyweight strength and Leah hit's the total body from just about every angle conceivable. I love Isometric, bodyweight work and never fail to get a great drenched with sweat response to it. This workout was no different. Once again I burned a dvd of the downloads that were listed on the Periodization System 1 plan rather than working from my laptop.

I'm going to actually try downloading a couple workouts to my tablet when we go on vacation. I'm not sure I'll use them since there will be plenty of hiking, walking, climbing and biking to keep me busy but I might just give one a try to see what the experience would be like.

T-Tapp Primary back stretch is a great warm-up to use before beginning these workouts and OIP and half frogs are wonderful before Leah's tough ab work. But then I think that OIP and HF are great before any abdominal work.

Coming back in to add to this review before it ever goes public. I've done this workout three times now. Interestingly enough it felt different each time I did it. The last two times I did it I was doing an early morning workout and that meant I started this workout at 4am. Maybe that's why it felt different. Being half asleep will do that. :) All three workouts that were listed for this month felt different with each repeat. It's also interesting that I felt stronger each time I repeated them and at the same time they also felt more challenging. That sounds stupid even as I read what I've typed but that's exactly what I experienced. I'll eventually get around to reviewing the third workout as well.

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