Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ballet Body: Upper Body

This is the Ballet Body Signature Series Upper Body Workout. It's a 45 minute workout, done in voiceover that is divided into Mat and Standing sections and includes a final stretch. The Mat section is a variety of planks and pulses to hit the upper body from many angles. The Standing section uses light handweights and will be felt primarily in the upper arms and shoulders. Leah doesn't do much biceps work and she basically states on her website that this is because she is aiming for ballet arms not He - man arms.

The planks are quite shoulder, elbow and especially wrist intensive but if you really listen to your joints and take rests where you need to these areas will become stronger over time. My right wrist is still not 100%, probably 99% but not 100%. It feels great after this workout, though during the workout it felt more challenged than my left wrist.

The stretching section, while not terribly long is quite thorough and leaves you feeling refreshed rather than over worked. As with the other DVDs from this series I feel like I might gain additional insight into the workouts if I eventually repeat them. I'll add to this review when I do. Below is a youtube clip of the video that shows you some of the very unconventional exercises it contains.

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