Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Combining Pace with T-Tapp Day 2

Today I did Pace Week 2 workout 2 and followed it with T-Tapp BWO+.

This post was written previously but referrs to my impressions of the PACE workout program I was given to review.

I so wish I could find time in the morning to do both of these workouts back to back without cutting myself short on sleep but I doubt it will happen.

Today's Pace workout was another recycled workout from week 1. I'm starting to wonder if they will all be repeats but in a different sequence. I would not be happy about that if I had paid for the set.

I find it interesting that I don't mind doing BWO+ over and over and over......but the thought of doing the same 6 Pace workouts in different orders over 6 weeks sets my teeth on edge.

The other thing I've noticed is that Rob, the trainer who leads each workout gets out of breath at the drop of a hat. He sounds like he's beginning to suck a little wind even after just introducing the moves for the upcoming workout. If they filmed all the workouts back to back that could be why he sounds like this. It still comes off as a little strange that the lead is slightly out of breath after 1-2 minutes of minimal exercise while speaking.

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