Monday, September 10, 2012

Flow and Yin: A balanced Yoga Practice

Flow and Yin: A Balanced Yoga Practice with Donna Helm-Yost is a DVD I purchased used and forgot all about! Tonight I really needed some Yin Yoga and for whatever reason pulled this out to try. (This review - like most of my others - is being published a couple of weeks after I actually did the practice and wrote these notes.)

Wow! I can't believe that I never even tried this gem. I can't speak for the flow practice but the Yin practice was just what I needed tonight.

It's about 74 minutes long. Donna is instructing a relatively large (as video classes go) class. Her manner is calm and she presents more variations for each pose than I think I've ever seen in a Yin practice. I really like the fact that she did a lot of shoulder poses. It's rare to see shoulder poses in the Yin media I've been exposed to. If you know of another practice where it is prevalent please list that practice in the comment section.

The practice flew by even though a few of the poses were challenging for me to hold for the full 5 minutes due to where I was in my head tonight. Donna is delightfully down to earth and while she -like many Yin instructors - does a lot of talking throughout the practice her talking is more about the pose and staying in it than it is philosophical or "out there." There is gentle sitar music playing in the background. To me is was a perfect backdrop for her instruction.

I'm usually not a big Yoga Flow fan but I enjoyed the Yin part of this practice so much that I'm motivated to give the flow section a try as well.

I was going to simply add this to the comment section of this previous post on Yin Yoga but I enjoyed the practice so much that I felt compelled to create a second post and simply link to the other.

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