Saturday, September 29, 2012

Form and Restructuring in a Chair: The Back

Once again, this can also be used by someone who uses T-Tapp workouts. It can be used to check for tight areas and open them over time. The basis of these movements is simply the ways in which ever healthy back should be able to move.

So again, sit  forward in your chair according to the guidelines of the previous posts in this series.

Place your hands on your knees making doubly sure that your shoulders are over your hips.

1. Inhale while drawing your navel back and tucking your head. Your back will round into a "C" shape. Exhale while pushing your midback forward until your back straightens and even extends a bit. Repeat this 4-8 times feeling the difference from the curved, rounded back and the straight even slightly arched back. Some of my patients and clients have told me that it's easier to exhale as you round and inhale as you straighten and they are right. I just happen to feel more when I do it the way I first described. Try it both ways and compare.
2. Re-establish your seated alignment. Drop your arms straight down, hands hanging directly below your elbows which are hanging directly below your shoulders - shoulders are right above your hips, chin is level. Pretend that you are sandwiched between two pieces of glass. You can't bend forward or back. Side to side is the only movement available to you. With this in mind allow your right hand and arm to become heavy which will pull you to the side into lateral flexion. Allow your head to follow the movement, ear dropping to shoulder. Now allow the left hand and arm to become heavy pulling you back up and over to the other side. Repeat this 4 - 8 times noticing the difference in how you feel from one side to the other.
3. Re-establish your seated form. Cross your arms across your chest - right hand on left shoulder, left hand on right shoulder. Be sure that you're seated tall and your shoulders are over your hips with your chin level. Slowly and mindfully twist toward the right and hold for a second and then reverse it and twist toward the left and hold it for a second. Repeat this 4-8 times each side noticing the difference from side to side. You may also opt to repeat this pulsing gently to the right side 3 times then the left side 3 times, repeating this to each side 4-8 times.

Finish it off by repeating the flat back you practiced yesterday.

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