Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Healthy Aging: An Article and a Few Thoughts

Healthy Aging  That link will take you to and an article on healthy aging.

My day job as an RN Coordinator has taught me alot about both healthy and unhealthy aging. I used to watch the process in others. These days I feel like I'm closer to actually experiencing it. :)

One thing that I hear a lot of seniors say is; "Getting Old isn't for sissies!" If I'm honest I'll tell you that I actually shared that actual sentiment during the time when I was feeling sick and tired and sick of feeling sick and tired. (Yet another thing I hear people of middle age and beyond say.)

Having picked myself up and brushed myself off and reclaimed my health and what feels like a nice sized chunk of my youth I feel differently these days.

It's definitely true that things change after you hit a certain age. What changed for me is my ability to take my body for granted. It still loves to be used and to move and groove in the ways in which it is designed to move and groove. It will no longer allow me to abuse or take it for granted. It's as if this very smart body of mine is demanding that I treat it with the respect it would receive in a culture where aging women are revered. AND SO that is how I treat it and in return it functions and feels like a body that is years younger than its chronological age. I feel great and enjoy life to the max.

You can feel that way too. But, you have to be willing to embrace the skin you are in and care for yourself. As I've said before treat yourself like a beloved small child in need of loving care and kindness and then experience the feeling of healthy aging. Join me as we both come into our own.


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