Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PACE mixed with T-Tapp: It's a Boot Camp

This post was written previously but referrs to my impressions of the PACE workout program I was given to review.

Today I did my fourth day of BWO+. That's going to be enough of a Boot Camp for now. I'll move to every other day and mix in floor moves on the days I don't do BWO+

I also did PACE Week 2 workout 4 this evening. Yes, it was again recycled from week 1. I'm hanging in to see what happens on week 3. I know I could preview but I'm trying to let this unfold.

I also finally found the time to do Ecoscue and boy did I need it. Now I'm relaxed and feeling balanced from all that activity throughout the day and I know I'll sleep really well tonight.

Real time notes: I can tell by my irritation that I was overtrained at this time but instead of resting I just had to throw Egoscue into the mix! I don't believe that this schedule would overtrain me these days but back then I was still pretty exhausted and didn't deal well with too much high intensity activity. I was pushing my HR for PACE and I just can't help working deeply with T-Tapp and the combo along with a very busy schedule and not enough sleep was clearly sending me over the edge.

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