Sunday, September 2, 2012

Starbound Rebounding Review

I really enjoy rebounding when we have a stretch of weather that makes getting outdoors tough. I honestly can't say that I've ever used it for a long enough stretch to see how it might change my body - shape or strength - good or bad. Rebounding is an activity that maximizes lymphatic movement and I'm totally into "pumping lymph."

Starbound is probably THE dvd I pull out most often. I have both the original VHS version and that DVD version. I prefer the DVD because it's chaptered. It's also a DVDr (purple on the back) but has stood the test of time. It still works pefectly and I've had it quite a few years now.

The original VHS was filmed in 2001 so it is dated. I consider it a blast from the past. It's set in both a resort and a sanctuary spa and that really appeals to me. The music is composed and performed by Tarisha and the Leela Groove Crew and sounds about like the name would imply- Mellow and foreign folksy. Michele Wilburn leads the workout in voice over. It contains 2 hours of exercise but you aren't meant to do it all at one go. The cover picture of Michele on a rebounder is not in the actual workout.

The DVD is divided into "Zones" and each zone is chaptered. The zones are "Foundations" or foundational moves and form, "Warm up" - this one contains a lovely meridian balance bounce sequence, Bounce Target Zones - aerobic, Sculpt - gentle , this is the zone I least use, Pure Spirit - efficient but complete stretch and relaxation.

This DVD - or I should say part of it because I pick and choose among the various zones - never fails to leave me feeling nicely worked and relaxed and balanced. It's  great to use on alternate days with a very intense demanding workout.

Michele's website has a rather frantic feel about it. That link should take you to the USA ordering area. I recently found and ordered a used copy of the book used on for $0.99 plus shipping. I paid significantly  more for the VHS and DVD but I've used it enough that I feel I've gotten my money's worth.

Editing this to add that I've been doing sections of this workout strung together as a cardio. I've really been enjoying it! It's gentle enough that I can work really hard of the alternate days without overtraining but this workout still leaves me standing in a puddle of sweat.

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Lannette Madden said...

Commenting on this to add to the review. I've done this again several times since I wrote the review up about a month ago. I've noted a couple of things in the repeat sessions. First of all there are tons of ways to mix this one up - especially if you're looking for only 20-30 minutes of rebounding. I've mixed it up to get anything from fairly light to fairly intense and I always get a really sweaty workout no matter how I mix it.

Secondly, the cuing is sometimes off and isn't mirrored. I mirror Michelle and go mostly by sight and it doesn't bother me.

Still loving this one. It's a nice contrast to the very intense isometric workouts I've been alternating it with. A perfect fit really.