Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ballet Body PS1: Weeks 5-7 Workout 1

My first thought after finishing the last workout of the recovery week was whether or not I'd actually continue with the periodization schedule once my vacation ended and I returned home. Imagine my surprise when I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I wanted to conquer or at least try the first workout for weeks 5-7.

Wow! Leah once again upped the anty. The workout was a nice mix of pushups, planking, Light hand weights for the upper body, pulsing yoga, thigh work and ab work.

I was most definitely challenged for the entire hour and 10-15 minutes. I also can feel some light to moderate muscle soreness the day after. (Nothing a little Swiss Just San Activ won't cure.)

Again, there was that strange mix of feeling stronger and yet more deeply challenged. At one point I remember feeling that I am now able to completely take my traps and neck out of the high rep, light weight upper body work. My shoulders are nicely sore today while my traps and neck are not.

At another point I noticed I was going more deeply into the plie movements and today my lateral quads are somewhat sore as are my medial quads and adductors.

Finally I noticed that I was not tensing my neck while performing the abs and was really actively holding my abdominals flat and tight while working them and guess what? Yep, that area is sore too. Actually my entire deep core including my back area is nicely toasted. Not sore as in, I hurt myself, but sore as in, I really completely worked this area.

This workout also had more balance work interspersed. I think that also added to my core soreness. I'm interested to see if the other two workouts for this next three weeks will be similar in nature.

The way this is unfolding is really motivating me to continue with the plan. One less than bright spot is the slowly but surely lengthening workout time demanded. This weeks workouts are all around an hour and 15 minute long. I know I've already stated that it's only three days a week but saying that and actually finding the time to accomplish that are two different things.

So I guess we shall see how that goes. Back when I was dancing I used to do an hour and a half ballet class daily. So having a ballet based workout run longer than a hour makes sense. It's just finding the time that's tough.

Coming back in to edit this before it ever posts. I just finished my second go through with this workout. It was still physically demanding and long but for some strange reason I enjoyed it this time around! Go Figure! I don't know if all the walking and hiking we had been doing while using my arms to control the length of the dogs' chains had left me tired when I did it the last time or if I could be a bit stronger. Whatever the reason, the workout didn't feel as repetitive or maybe I just didn't mind the repetition this time. Time will tell if I get the same toasty muscle awareness I got the last time.

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Lannette Madden said...

By coincidence I was scheduled to do this WO for the third time on the same day it hit the blog.

Wow! Big jump in fitness today! I actually loved doing this workout because it felt like pretty much everything clicked.

That isn't to say that it wasn't challenging. As with T-Tapp I'm finding that little form adjustments allow you to continually make the workout harder over time.

Would this continue to be true 6 years from now as it's been for me with T-Tapp? Probably not. But it's still nice to experience the changes in how the workouts feel as I move through the schedule.

I've pretty much committed to myself that I will at least see this through to the end of the second recovery week. From there I'll just have to see.