Monday, October 8, 2012

Ballet Body: PS1 Weeks 5-7 Workout 2

This workout included the Basics series II plus some glute work. The word "Basics" threw me for a loop. It was more demanding than I would expect a workout with the word "Basics" in the title to be. It was less demanding than the first workout for this month.

By the end of the workout I was sure I'd be experiencing muscle soreness by the next day. In reality I had that same gentle muscle awareness I had experienced after the first month's workouts rather than the genuine DOMS I felt with the first workout in this month's series.

In all honesty there are a few segments from this set of workouts that I'm not particularly looking forward to. They just seemed to go on and on with endless reps of very similar exercises. In my heart I knew - even while doing them - that Leah was having you hit your trouble areas from many slightly different angles. That didn't stop me from saying some not too nice things to the TV when I thought we should be done and she thought up yet three more angles to hit on the right leg before we were able to even begin the left leg. I get it. I know that the reasons for multi-angle high rep bodyweight work. That doesn't help decrease sense of "enough already" as it goes on forever, and forever and forever.

I'll update this post if I do this workout again and if I feel differently about at that time. I find that how I feel about a workout one time I do it isn't necessarily the way I feel about it if I do it again.

Very happy to report that I skimmed into a pair of straight cut pants that had fit a few weeks ago but were a little snugger in the thighs than I like. No snugness today at all. Alternating intensity in my workouts is really working well.

Updating after doing this workout a second time. This time I discovered that it was not the entire workout or even a few segments that made me crazy. The workout pretty much flew by this time with the exception of the last segment. That one made me crazy. Isn't funny how a single segment can color your perception of an entire workout?

I think it bothered me because it came at the end and normally abs have come at the end and I prefer that. It was also extremely repetitive and didn't fit well in the small space in which I was performing it and that made it a less than happy experience. Finally, it was a segment that worked an area of my body that tends to be strong so it seemed a little like time wasted. Probably not really wasted but when you add it all up it makes sense that I didn't like doing it. Hopefully there won't be too many more like that one and even if there are you only have to get through them 3 times before you move on.

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Lannette Madden said...

Life will be frightfully busy for the next 3-4 weeks but I wanted to jump in and add an update on this workout.

I repeated it a third time and it felt pretty much like the second time through except that I was able to do more of the advanced holds and positions.

I still strongly disliked ending with the hands and knee work rather than abs. In the future I would probably change the sequence of any workout that ended that way.

The third run through of the last hip section didn't seem quite as long as the first two times I did it but I was still more than ready for it to be over before I even reached the halfway point.